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Dbol Post Cycle Therapy

Dbol is a C17-alpha alkylated oral anabolic, bulking steroid. It is often called “King of mass “as a person can put on 20 pounds of weight within a few weeks of Dbol usage. This fast-acting drug usage is very stressful to the body. It upsets the natural hormonal balance of the body. It suppresses natural testosterone production. To help the body recover and minimize the side effects of Dbol, we always need pct with testosterone.

Dbol contains Methandienone which is a synthetic form of testosterone. It increases the muscle mass very quickly by protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, and glycogenolysis.

  • Protein synthesis is the rate of building cell protein which is important for muscles. It causes the body to produce more proteins actin and myosin which help to increase muscle mass.
  • Nitrogen retention increases the muscle mass as muscle tissue consists of approximately 16% nitrogen. Prevents negative nitrogen balance which helps in muscle growth
  • Better glycogenolysis means better utilization of the carbohydrates consumed.

The high potency of Dbol causes several side effects. Some of the pronounced side effects are –

  • Ache
  • Oily skin
  • Body hair growth
  • Hair loss
  • Causes male pattern baldness
  • High blood pressure
  • Water retention. It causes bloated look. This is generally lost once the pill is stopped.
  • Suppresses good cholesterol ( HDL ) and increases bad cholesterol ( LDL ) significantly
  • Suppresses natural testosterone production and increases estrogen levels in men
  • Increases risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes
  • Promotes gynecomastia
  • Causes severe liver stress and could result in liver damage.

The body’s hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA) controls testosterone production. With the usage of Dbol, this gets disrupted and higher levels of testosterone are produced. Along with it estrogen also shoots up. High levels of estrogen can be harmful to the body.

Once the drug is stopped, the body has the ability to bring back the hormone levels to normal. But this takes a long time. Meanwhile, the person becomes vulnerable to adverse effects. PCT speeds up the process so that ideal hormone levels are obtained quickly.

To negate the harmful side effects of Dbol, we always need post cycle therapy ( PCT ) with testosterone. The PCT should include Aromatase inhibitors (AI) and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs). They reduce estrogen levels and improve testosterone levels. A 4 -6 weeks PCT is appropriate in most cases.

AI – They prevent estrogen levels shooting up. It blocks a fat enzyme called aromatase which transforms other hormones into estrogen. By preventing the production of the serum estrogen levels, the generation of testosterone is accelerated. AIs are not without any side effects. The prevalent side effects are joint pains, fatigue. They negatively affect cholesterol.

Some side effects of SERMs are headache, nausea, muscle aches, cramps.

Some PCT plans include Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) before SERM to prepare the body so that the total recovery is enhanced. HCG mimics the Luteinizing Hormone which is responsible for the stimulation of natural testosterone production.

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