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Significance of Motherboard

Significance of Motherboard

A Motherboard of a computer is called a “Mother” board for a reason. The motherboard is like the brain of any computer. It may be small in size but it holds primary importance in each and every function of a PC. Without a Motherboard, any computer is simply useless.

Following are the components of a Motherboard.

  • There are slots where microprocessors are to be connected.
  • There are sockets for placing the system’s main memory.
  • There are chips for installation of ROMs.
  • There is a generator for sending clock indications and to keep the harmonization among all the parts of the PC. This generator is known as Clock Generator.
  • There are power connectors which receive and distribute power among all the other parts of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Here to be mentioned, these power connectors should strictly be SATA cables.

Now I would discuss the importance of Motherboards on your PC. Keep reading.

Significance of Motherboard

  1. The motherboard itself might not be of very much importance. But its main function is to hold on all its components, mentioned above. Because all these components are of huge importance for any computer and by holding on to them, the Motherboard keeps a synchronization among all the components of a computer.
  2. There is a CPU slot in a motherboard which is of utmost importance. This socket gives support to CPU, helps in cooling down the CPU in times of heating, and also makes an electrical interface for CPU as well as the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). You need to be alert about one thing, that is, the CPU slot and motherboard must keep up with the speed of the CPU.
  3. Any motherboard contains another thing called chipsets. It is of great importance because it bridges the gap between the microprocessor and rest of the computer. Any chipset has two parts, namely, northbridge and southbridge. Any component of the computer communicates with the CPU via these chipsets, i.e. motherboard. The northbridge can connect directly to the CPU via buses. Whereas the southbridge, a bit slow in its operation, connects to the CPU via the northbridge. That means, any information reaches the northbridge first and then it reaches the southbridge. The northbridge also connects the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) to the memory slot.
  4. As I have already mentioned, the compatibility of the components of your PC and the motherboard is very important. If the slots of your motherboard do not support the disk drivers, memory cards,and other components, then your motherboard won’t work efficiently. Also, it is true that the good performance of your PC might not have a lot of contributions from the motherboard, but if you don’t have an upgraded motherboard, your PC’s performance would slow down. So, try to get yourself an upgraded motherboard.

This was pretty much my discussion and opinion about the importance and significance of motherboards. But I kept it brief. To gain more knowledge about motherboard, CPU and other components of your PC and also to learn about some unknown facts about cables and power connectors, visit layerpoint.com today!

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